Beja Ceremonial Divan

Beja Ritualistic Divan

The Ritualistic Divan is a group of Nobles who present the ancient pageantry of the initiation of new Nobles into the fraternity known as the first section. The scene is set at the Temple with Arabian music setting the stage. The nobility is in preparation for a pilgrimage over the hot sands of the desert to visit the sacred city of Mecca. Our cast is clothed in the ornate robes of the middle east as they prepare to bring new Nobles into our fraternity.

The Ritualistic Divan is open to all Beja Nobles. There are both speaking and non-speaking parts in the performance. For those not interested in performing, we also have a supporting cast who serve as our stage crew. Fun is had by all as we travel back in time to bring forth the wealth of knowledge of the Ancient Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.