Haunters Guild

Haunters Guild

2024 Guild Master: Craig Laes

ONCE YOU’RE IN… The only thing you will feel is a stream of fear trickling down your leg. Black Sunshine LLC presents “GREEN BAY FEAR”!

A brand-new vortex of terror, bigger, darker, scarier, and way more evil than any haunted house you have ever known. We have gone back and dug up the souls of haunted houses old, it is a fright like you have never experienced.  This is the brand of haunted house that made your parents wet the bed back in the day, and it is back for a whole new generation! Green Bay Fear is located at Beja Shrine Center, 1950 Bond Street, Green Bay, near Rock Gardens Banquet Hall.

The Haunters Guild is a group of Nobles, Volunteers, and Actors who unite annually to create the scariest haunted house in Northeast Wisconsin. Beja’s second-largest fundraiser, the Haunters Guild has created three different venues for the Halloween season. A Haunted House, Haunted Woods, and Haunted Midway with some of the wildest attractions one can imagine.

If you enjoy the concept of working together to create the scariest haunted house and to frighten those who dare to enter, this is the unit for you. Preparation for the next year begins the day the event closes. From building the different rooms and scary features to dressing as an actor and working in the house or woods, it is clearly a fantastic time.