Beja Clowns

2024 President: Jeff ‘Pokey’ Eilers

What Makes a Noble a Shrine Clown?

There Are Three Types Of Clowns:

White Face — ‘JIMBO’ Is A White Face Clown

Tramp-Hobo August Face — ‘RONBO’ Is A Tramp August Clown

And a Character Clown — ‘SYLLY’ Is A Character August Clown

“Become a Shrine Clown”

Embark on the captivating world of Shrine Clowning with our Clown Unit! We offer costumes, wigs, and makeup assistance to help you bring your unique character to life. Committing to becoming a Shrine Clown involves joining the Clown Unit, selecting a kid-friendly name, and maintaining a consistently cheerful appearance. Collaborate with fellow clowns to develop your character, drawing inspiration from the rich history of clowning.

Ensure your costume reflects inner joy, drawing inspiration from various clowning examples. Once you’ve chosen a friendly face and a comfortable outfit, you’re prepared for an unforgettable experience. Join us in spreading laughter and joy as a Shrine Clown!

“Being a Shrine Clown”

As a representative of the Beja Shrine Clowns, your responsibility is paramount when interacting with kids and adults. Uphold a standard of correctness – no smoking, drinking, or inappropriate actions. If someone feels uneasy, promptly walk away. Being a Shrine Clown transcends wearing a costume; connect with children on a deeper level, understanding their thoughts and feelings. Truly ‘Be a Clown’ by engaging them with tricks, magic, or small animals. Prioritize the ‘Little People,’ including adults in the fun. Distinguished from other Shrine units, our clowns engage personally, a skill refined through years of practice. Embrace adapting to various crowds and situations to authentically embody your character.

We Perform At:

Nursing Homes – Church Events – Hospitals

Local, Shrine, and Holiday Parades – Special Olympics Events
Boys And Girls Clubs – Special School Events – Special Picnic Events

Circuses – Store Openings –Kids Cancer Survivor Events – Company Parties

And anywhere else we are needed.

We don’t always get paid for what we do, but we represent the Shrine in everything we do.

To become a good Shrine Clown you have to be created with the time and help of the other clowns in the Unit.  Your brother clowns will mentor you and they will all become your best friends.  We really love performing with each other on a level that is hard to understand or explain.  There are times when we are placed in uncomfortable situations, such as kids that are disfigured, kids who have lost limbs, or are burn hospital kids.  This is when we realize that we are Shrine Clowns.  We are there to entertain and everyone is normal in our eyes and we are there to make the kids happy.  We can always cry later.

Last but not least, we are always being photographed,  so we must always look good, and remember, your actions will be found on social media!

Floyd “Twigs” Hartwig

A Clowns Prayer (Author Unknown)

As I stumble through this life,
help me to create more laughter than tears,
dispense more happiness than gloom,
spread more cheer than despair.
Never let me become so indifferent
that I will fail to see the wonder
in the eyes of a child
or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.
Never let me forget that my total effort
is to cheer people, make them happy
and forget – at least momentarily –
all the unpleasantness in their lives.
And, in my final moment,
may I hear You whisper:
‘When you made My people smile,
you made Me smile.’