2024 President: Dennis Korth, PP

The Beja SuperCycle was a twenty-four seat bicycle that entertained at area parades and events. Dressed in their white shirts, Nobles fill the seats of a motor pushed bicycle. What a fantastic approach when the SuperCycle turned the corner of the parade and came into sight. Their motto “Shriners Pedal that less Fortunate can Walk” clearly represented the motto for this group of peddlers.

The SuperCycle was retired in 2016 and the group now uses its SuperTryke and Beja Van to perform in parades. The two-person tricycle that goes every which way but straight, is extremely enjoyed by the crowds along the parade routes. At the 2013 Midwest Shrine Association conference, the SuperTryke took the Parade Marshal “Unit of the Parade” award. What a great achievement for the SuperCycle Unit and for all of Beja.