Beja Krazy Kops

2024 Chief: Richard ‘Dick’ Andres


The Intercity Shrine Club founded the Krazy Kops Korps in February 1987 in Manawa, Wisconsin. The Intercity Shrine Club sponsors the unit. Then-Potentate Floyd Meyer and Chief Rabban Hobart DeCaster conceived the idea for the unit. Ray Hutchinson, one of the nine charter members, is still alive. Previously, a five-man quartet performed at numerous functions.

Joining the Krazy Kops offers numerous benefits. The unit, a Clown unit with Keystone Kops and Convicts, actively participates in six to eight parades each summer. During the parades, a jail on the back of an old “69” Chevy truck is used to arrest parade watchers until it reaches maximum capacity. A jailbreak follows, allowing all prisoners to escape. We frequently receive compliments on being the best unit in the parade. To enter the parade, we request a donation of $500.00, and all proceeds, minus the gasoline cost for transporting the jail, are annually forwarded to the Shriners Children’s Chicago and Shriners Children’s Twin Cities. When permitted, we distribute free tickets to spectators. Although these tickets hold no value, they provide directions on how to contact a hospital.

The funds we raise through parade sponsors consistently rank highest in donations to Beja’s Parade to Glory. It is during this time that we present our contribution to the Shrine Hospitals. Respecting your desire to spend weekends with family, we only participate in six to eight parades per year. Frequently, our families join us to watch or participate in the parades. Currently, there are fourteen active Kops and convicts, along with an additional six or more inactive members.

If you, your staff, friends, or neighbors know of a child who might benefit from the Shriners’ assistance, please call our toll-free number at (800) 237-5055.

We hold an annual meeting in the fall, and our dues amount to $10.00 per year. Many of our Kops & Convicts have their own uniforms, but we also keep uniforms in the jail that we lend to members.