Child in Bed 
Although medical staff can do wonders it it very important that the family of the patient become involved with treatment and rehabilitation. Patient rehabilitation is one of the most important aspects of treatment.

It serves several purposes:

1.  To teach the family and patient proper maintenance and care.

2.  To teach the patient, if applicable, how to use their new limbs.

3.  How to enjoy themselves and become just a regular boy or girl.

4.  How to cope with every day living and to develop work skills for the future.

5.  To have the family involved with the rehabilitation of the patient.

Although play may seem at first glance to be a non productive activity, it is very important to the child in learning how to adjust to their new life. It allows them to learn to use their new arms or legs, how to balance themselves, how to maneuver a wheelchair, and how to become part of the play group enhancing their social skills also.


Small Children


The Shriners provide camps for some of the patients. It is at these camps that the children can participate in activities that are fun for them but also teach them that the only limitations they have are the ones they allow. They can participate in fishing, archery, tennis, swimming, hiking, nature trips, canoeing, scuba diving, track activities, and many other areas of interest.