Pediatric Rehabilitation and Therapy

When it comes to providing outstanding pediatric specialty care and comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services, Shriners Hospitals for Children is a recognized leader. Rehabilitation is a critically important component of the care and services we provide to our patients. Our goal is to improve the function and enjoyment of life for children with various diagnoses and disabilities. Our experienced pediatric therapists work with our patients and their families to help them function at the highest level possible in their homes, communities and schools. Our services are designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, developmental and educational needs of our patients.

Whether your child has experienced an acute injury or has a chronic condition, we understand that every patient is a unique individual who will benefit most from a customized approach to adjustment, healing and recovery.

Excellence and innovation are hallmarks of the Shriners Hospitals for Children system and that is certainly evident in our rehabilitation programs and staff. From comprehensive inpatient care to intensive outpatient treatment, we embrace a multidisciplinary approach in a compassionate, family-centered setting. At Shriners Hospitals for Children, we think holistically, looking beyond the diagnosis in order to treat the whole child.

Shriners Hospitals for Children’s rehabilitation services are multileveled to meet the unique needs of each patient. We address decreased functionality of the limbs, muscles, nerves, brain and spinal cord.

After a comprehensive evaluation, your child’s plan for rehabilitation and therapy will be designed to ease the physical, developmental and intellectual effects of the illness or disability. We will also work closely with the family to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to help your child’s progression.

Acute inpatient rehabilitation care

This intensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program provides comprehensive care for children whose development has been disrupted by a serious illness, disease or injury.

Outpatient, intensive day treatment program

This outpatient course of treatment delivers a full range of rehabilitation services via half-day or full-day programs. All therapies are goal-directed and aimed at preparing children to live as independently as possible.

Physical therapy

Our physical therapists specialize in pediatric care. They understand how to motivate and encourage children to ensure they receive the greatest outcomes and progress in a loving and supportive environment. Your child’s tailored rehabilitation program may consist of multiple therapies to help build confidence, strength and ability.

Occupational therapy

At Shriners Hospitals for Children we are committed to providing guidance and support to help our patients live their best lives. This dedication is what started our occupational therapy program and continues to drive us to provide unique approaches to help patients master daily skills to function as independently as possible. Innovative approaches involve game play and virtual reality technology to fine-tune skills and abilities. 

Speech-language pathology

Many of our hospitals offer speech therapy and depending on the child’s medical condition, we address challenges with feeding and swallowing. Each child has unique needs that benefit from our wraparound approach to therapy. Our multidisciplinary, collaborative team provides our patients with the best opportunity to adapt, grow and thrive.

Services that support Shriners Hospitals for Children rehabilitation and therapy services, include: